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Gap-fill exercise

Choose from the list for every gap. Then press "Check".

"Listen. I heard ." "I didn't hear . Where was it?"
"It was outside in the garden. I think there is in our garden."
"Can you see ?" "Yes, there is over there. He's got in his hands."
"I can't see . There's a wall around the garden. I don't think can climb over it."
"But look over there. is leaning against the wall. It's a ladder. put the ladder there and climbed into our garden."
"But he can't take at this time of the year. It's winter. Listen. is knocking at the door."
"Don't let in. Ask who it is."
"Is there at home? This is your friend Conni. I've got for you. A cake for your birthday."
"How do you know it's my birthday? I didn't tell ."
"Well, told me."
"Why didn't you ring the bell? We were frightened when we saw in our garden."
"I rang the bell but you didn't answer it."
"We didn't hear . So must be wrong with the bell. We must find who can repair it."