Just a normal Friday

Put in the simple present form of the verb.

Fülle alle Lücken mit der richtigen Verbform aus und klicke dann auf "Prüfen".

Mrs Baker is making little cakes. - She always little cakes on Fridays.
Ben is swapping stamps at the stamp club. - He always stamps at the stamp club.
Sanjay is doing judo. - He always judo on Fridays.
Nick and Debbie are cleaning the bathroom. - They always the bathroom on Fridays.
Jenny is tidying up her room. - She always up her room on Fridays.
Sally is going to her dad. - She always to her dad on Fridays.
The girls are writing letters. - They always letters on Fridays.
Mr Martin and Miss Hunt are having dinner together. - They always dinner together on Fridays.
Sita is helping in the restaurant. - She always in the restaurant on Fridays.
Mr Snow is washing his car. - He always his car on Fridays.