Our English Camp

Gap fill exercise

Fill in the gaps
1.We (meet) in front of the school at half past twelve.
2.Then we (walk) to the train station together.
3.There we (wait) for our train.
4.We (take) the train to Dammerstock.
5.Two mothers (be) in the kitchen and (prepare) a meal for us.
6.Some boys and girls (be) the waiters and (lay) the tables.
7.We (have) lunch at half past one.
8.After lunch we (go) outside and (play) on the playground.
9.In the afternoon we (buy) muffins and sweets.
10.At five o'clock we (play) some games and we (rehearse) our play.
11.In the evening we (have) a party.
12.We (eat) sandwiches and (drink) apple juice.
13.We (dance) and (listen) to English music.
14.Then we (get) our sleeping bags ready.
15.We (clean) our teeth and (go) to bed.
16.We (sleep) on the floor.
17.The teacher (read) two English books.
18.In the morning we (get up) at seven o'clock and (prepare) breakfast.
19.We (have) cornflakes, toast, bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast.
20.After breakfast we (go) to a little zoo in the wood.
21.On our way, we (have to) answer some English questions.
22.There the boys (play) football.
23.The girls (find) a little caterpillar.
24.We (come) back to the church for lunch.
25.After lunch we (tidy) the kitchen and (rehearse) the play and a song.
26.Our parents (come) at five o'clock.
27.They (watch) our play and (help) to tidy up.
28.Then they (take) us home.